Birds Away From Your Car

How to Keep Birds Away From Your Car?

Ever faced a situation where birds pooped or dropped on your car? If yes! Then this article is certainly for you. As you’ll know, humans are surrounded by these beautiful avian species on Earth.

No matter how much we admire their beauty, charm, and existence on earth, sometimes they also cause us annoyance.

Their pooping or dropping habits on the car makes us angry and frustrated sometimes. That is why, in this article, I will give you some tips and tricks that you can apply to keep birds away from your precious car. So let’s not wait anymore. 

Understanding Why Birds Are Attracted to Cars?

Firstly, you have to understand why these birds or feathered species get attracted to cars. There could be some possible reasons for these birds to get attracted to cars. 

Reasons Why Birds Are Attracted to Cars

Birds habitually perch or rest on high trees, branches, or any high building. Most probably those cars being parked beneath these structures might get hit by birds pooping or dropping.

Researchers have also claimed that birds are mostly attracted to reflective surfaces such as glass, metals, and shiny cars.

It has been found that bird’s eyes are more attracted to shiny cars than dirty cars. You will rarely spot a bird dropping on a dirty car.

Most probably, they don’t find these dirty cars charming or their eyes do not capture these dirty cars like how much they find shiny cars attractive.

Additionally, it has been found that birds are mostly fond of red, blue, green, black, and white colors. Plus, they are more attracted to cars’ shiny, polished reflections because birds sometimes attack their own reflections.

That is why when they see their reflection in a car, they poop on them. So, different colors of cars might look different to them, as red cars might remind them of ripped fruits, blue reminds them of the sea ocean surface where they drop, and they think that the ocean water will wash away their dropping.

Green color because of the similar color of green leaves, black color because of its glossy shininess, and white car because they are afraid of white and poof if they get afraid. For all these reasons, a feathered body might attract human cars.

Types of Birds That Are Commonly Found Near Cars 

You will mostly spot pigeons, sparrows, European starlings, seagulls, crows, blackbirds, and swallows near the cars.

You will find pigeons and seagulls, the most common birds near the car for dropping.

So, birds that inhabit urban and suburban areas, such as parking areas, city streets, and coastal areas, are mostly the culprits for dropping onto cars. 

5 Ways To Keep Birds Off Your Car

So far, we have discussed why these birds drop on cars and the culprit birds found beside cars.

We will give some tips on keeping these birds away from your car.

Using Visual Obstacles Like Reflective Tape or Imitating Predators Objects 

You can use visual deterrents like reflective tapes to keep birds away from your cars. Birds are frightened when they see any sudden flashes or objects.

Hence, you can easily use objects with reflective surfaces, such as aluminum foil and CDs, for your car. Besides, you can use objects like Owls or other objects that move with the wind.

This movement will create discomfort for birds to sit or drop on your cars. You can also use other toys like snakes, rubbers, and eagles, creating a certain illusion of danger around those areas. Ultimately, they will be away from your car. 

Using Sound Deterrents Such as Wind Chimes or Predator Calls

You can also use sound deterrents such as wind chimes or predator (e.g., owls, eagles, hawks) calls to keep these feathered bodies away from your car. These deterrents create gentle sounds that prevent birds from sitting or perching around your cars.

Covering Your Car With a Car Cover 

One of the least expensive things you can do to keep birds away from your car is to cover your car with a car cover.

If you are less interested in spending money on a car cover, you can use any big cloth covering your whole car. This can protect your car from bird droppings.

However, you must maintain hygiene by washing your car’s clothes once or twice a month. 

Placing Your Vehicle in a Garage or Beneath a Carport

You can also park your car in a garage near your workstation or your own home garage. You must avoid parking your car under trees.

As birds often sit or perch on trees, it’s their fond place to poop or drop. Therefore, if your car is parked under trees, it will likely be hit by a bird’s drop.

You can also park your car in any carport area under a covered surface with a secure safe shelter. This will also prevent or give shelter to your cars from birds’ attention. Through this technique, you can differently save your cars from birds dropping. 

Cleaning Bird’s Dropping or Pooping From Your Car as Soon as Possible

However, you can’t assure yourself that your car can never be encountered with birds dropping. Even with high protection, you might face this problem once in your life.

Suppose you’re driving, and one bird drops on your car while flying. Some birds also drop while flying. Therefore, you have to clean your bird’s droppings as soon as possible.

Bird droppings can sometimes damage your car’s paint if they remain for a longer time. Their droppings contain highly acidic fluids, which can harm your car’s paint or leave stain marks on it.

It even gets hard to wipe off when it’s dry. Hence, you must carry a clean bottle, soap, or washer so that you can easily clean that drop without causing any delays.

Preventing Birds from Nesting on Your Car

Similar to birds dropping, it’s also very important to keep away these feathered bodies from making nests in your car.

Identifying signs of bird nesting on your car 

You must carefully examine whether your cars contain bird-related elements, such as feathers, tree branches, leaves, or sticks used for nesting purposes.

You also have to ensure whether your cars have any potential scratches or not. If you see any of these, make sure you remove all these things from your car.

-Tips for preventing birds from nesting in your car

If you see birds making nests inside your car, you must regularly inspect your cars. You have to clean your car in a particular routine.

You must cover or park your cars under a protective barrier or shield. This will help prevent birds from nesting on your cars.

You can also use the suggestions above, such as deterrent sounds and toys like snakes and owls, which will create an uncomfortable situation for birds.

Therefore, they will not find those environments suitable and secure for nesting purposes.


As a final observation of this article, you can use these easy tips and techniques to prevent birds from dropping on your car.

Similarly, you have to understand that bird droppings are a fully unintentional event caused by birds when they are perching, sitting on a tree, or relaxing.

Therefore, by car covers, strategic parking, or garage parking, routine clean-up can keep your car away from birds dropping.

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