Bird Pooping On Car Meaning

Bird Pooping On Car Spiritual Meaning

On a pleasant day, their mood may be happy when traveling along the solitary road looking for peace. With a smile, they keep driving along to the merriment of the time ahead when suddenly, a bird poops on the sleek glass of the car!

Instantly, the smile will disappear from their faces, and a foul scowl will replace it. The happy mood is shattered because one bird decided to poop on the car or windshield. However, what if there is a spiritual meaning behind bird poop on the car?

Sounds outlandish.

What if it is not outlandish? One must stop to think about it. This may be a sign about something. Whether it is a good or bad sign, the spiritual realm believes that even bird poop has a meaning.

Let’s explore the various meanings of your question about what does it mean when a bird poops on your car?

5 Spiritual Meanings of Bird Poop on Your Car

1. Hidden Opportunities:

It may come as a surprise, but a bird pooping on one’s car may usher in new business and financial opportunities. This is an unexpected outcome but quite widely believed by spiritualists (Spirit Animal Dreams).

One of the reasons it may bring in financial gains is because bird poop brings a rude awakening toward the reality one is facing. When during a transition or stress, this awakening is precisely what one may need to re-evaluate themselves and de-stress. It will push one to evolve and clean their mind and soul.

Once a mind is clear, goals are easy to set and businesses will find this helpful in rethinking their strategies. Hence, financial luck will surely smile upon them!

2. To Go Forward

When a bird poops, it means that the bird has eaten well. This can be interpreted that the poop represents one’s fulfillment in life.

They already have enough of what is needed or have the capability to accomplish their goals. Fate is working to push them toward their goals, and the person has the blessing to go forward with a happy and positive mind.

One of the reasons for this is that people used to believe that birds are divine messengers. Gods of the old times used birds to send messages. Moreover, birds also connected heaven and earth, thought to bring notes from the departed loved ones.

So, if a bird poops on a car, the person is blessed by the gods and their ancestors, enabling them to move ahead.

3. Need for cleansing

When the bird poops on the windshield, one needs to cleanse themselves. The windscreen allows a car driver to look ahead on the road.

If the windshield is foggy, then the driver will not be able to see anything. When a bird poops on the windscreen, the drivers will automatically work to clean it off.

This symbolizes that the drivers also have to cleanse themselves. Something is either bothering them or pushing them on a destructive path.

The only way to save oneself from such destruction is by washing their souls just as they cleaned the bid poor off the windshield.

4. Hope

Many cultures worldwide believe that bird poop represents hope. The white speckles of bird poop on a car represent hope which will eventually lead the car’s owner toward greatness and achievement.

The bird poop is also a form of spiritual shield that is connected to heaven. Birds are divine messengers, and their poop protects people. Their ancestors from above use the birds to protect their loved ones, ensuring their safety.

Moreover, bird poop is also believed to bring excellent luck and happiness. The hope cultivated from the spiritual messenger will lead to one’s success and fortify their faith in their abilities.

5. Giving a purpose

When one feels lost and confused, everything feels like slipping away. The small action of a bird poop on the car can cause a person to go into a rage or a complete breakdown, but it also gives people a reality check.

The simple bird poop can make one subconsciously question the direction they are in. Are they on the right path? What is their purpose? Where to go from here?

These heavenly messages through the birds enable one to think deeply and reflect on themselves. They start to unravel their spiritual awakening through the bird poop, leading them to become better and find something.

That ‘something’ may be a purpose, a goal, happiness, or simply the willpower to move on from terrible moments. While cleaning off the bird poop, the mind starts to come into a focus mode, letting itself find the answers it seeks.

Is Bird Poop On Car Good Luck?

In some instances, the bird poop can be seen as ominous. While it is mainly attached to good luck, some believe that if a bird is angry and poops on one’s car, then bad things will happen to that person.

Moreover, it might also be a message from heaven that something terrible will happen, and the deceased souls are using the bird to warn someone of impending doom.

Regardless, most cultures associate bird poop with good luck, and it is still widely believed among many people.

Reality Check

Despite the symbolism attached to bird poop, the reality is not so good. Sometimes birds poop can drop on you also and you can think is bird poop on you good luck? Ultimately, Bird poop carries bacteria that can harm humans. Diseases like the Avian Flu are spread through bird poop, which will certainly not bring any luck to anyone.

Moreover, the risk of spreading diseases increases when a flock of birds gathers. Bird poop is highly infectious and associated with over 60 different conditions.

Furthermore, bird poop can stain the car if left too long. The uric acid in bird poop can damage metals, tires, and other materials, further damaging the vehicle.

Their poop also destroys the aesthetics of a car, especially the more expensive ones. Imagine buying a Rolls Royce, and a bird poops on it! It will dampen the car’s sleek beauty, a nightmare for car lovers.

Also, removing the dry droppings can cause the paint to peel off. The bird poop is sticky and stubborn. Many car owners dread this because cleaning it off takes them a long time. If a flock of birds poop on the car, the nightmare only intensifies for the owner.

The worst thing happens when the poop dries up. It becomes like a strong adhesive stuck to the vehicle and cannot be cleaned without damaging the paint (Pritchard). Retouching the color will also cost extra bucks for them. As a result, the bird poop, which was supposed to bring in luck, only leads to increased expenses and bills for the car owner.

What to do after bird poop on the car?

The good luck associated with bird poop cannot benefit the car. Luck aside, one must adequately clean the vehicles without damaging the paint and metal.

Mixing baking soda with hot water can help the car owner eliminate bird poop (Ford). The mixture must be sprayed on the affected areas and let soak through the bird droppings. Then, rinsing it with a hose pipe will help eliminate the poop.

Some people also use special wipes specifically made to clean bird poop. These biodegradable wipes neutralize the acid in bird poop, so car owners can easily clean them off.

Seltzer water is also an effective weapon against stubborn bird poops. The wipers on a windshield cannot remove the dry droppings, so a Seltzer water mixture or club soda can help eliminate the annoying stains. However, one should be careful not to use cola because it is highly corrosive and can tear through rubber tires and paint.


Bird poop is highly revered in many cultures and is thought to bring good luck. While superstitions are highly debatable, their existence brings a bit of hope and purpose to many people. Receiving blessings and messages from deceased loved ones can make a person happy.

This happy thought will take them forward, letting them subconsciously explore within themselves to find answers and peace.

However, one should not discount the reality of bird poop. For the rational mind, it is nothing more than an annoyance and a hazard to humans and cars. The added expense, health issues, and slow destruction of their vehicle can make one spiral into depression as well. The bird poop will not solve anything for them but bring more nuisance.

How someone interprets this, it is up to them. The beliefs are an individual’s choice; depending on that, this phenomenon will either positively or negatively affect them. It is a never-ending debate among optimists and rational minds, but at the end of the day, an annoyance for the cars.

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