Spiritual Meanings of Bird Knocking on Window

What Does It Mean When a Bird Hits Your Window?

The soft tapping on windows may arouse one’s curiosity. Upon inspecting, many people might find a small bird happily tapping the glass.

For some, it may be unpleasant, while others might enjoy the shenanigans of the innocent little birds. However, this simple action delved into centuries-old superstitions and myths.

On the other hand, a more logical explanation will shock many people and make them prevent birds from tapping on windows.

Sounds too serious?

It is a severe issue. When a bird hits or taps on a window, it explains a lot about its behavior, and those who study birds know that it is dangerous for birds to hit windows (Tammy).

So, let’s dive into the in-depth analysis of what it means when a bird hits the windows and what people can do to stop it.

Meaning of Bird Flying Into Window

Tapping on wooden window frames

If the windows are made of wood, they may attract nearby birds. Sometimes, wooden frames contain ingredients like linseed or other minerals birds favor. Once the birds sense the presence of edible ingredients in the wood, they flock to tap on it. They perceive it as food and end up pecking the wood. As a result, the wood may start to break apart (Bird Behavior).

Hence, the birds are not pecking on windows to bring in luck or omens. They are simply mistaking the wood for food.

How to help them?

The best way is to put a layer of paint over the wooden window frames. Fabric sealing strips can also prevent birds from sensing the putty, and their daily visits to peck on the wood will stop. Conscious homeowners can also opt to build their window frames with artificial putty. A polishing compound consisting of aluminum ammonium sulfate will also deter birds because they despise the taste of it.

They are confused

One of the most concerning points when birds hit windows is that they become confused by the reflections. If they spot the reflection of trees or other food ingredients on windows, they think those things are there, and the birds fly towards the windows. Some birds may hit the window hard and injure themselves (Tammy).

How to help them?

While it is not entirely possible to prevent the birds from hitting the windows, people can do a few things to ensure the birds are safe. In most cases, the birds are not injured and fly away within seconds.

However, it is best to keep checking for injured birds around the windows so that one can help them. Also, it is best to put screens and decals on the window so birds understand the reflections.

Birds are territorial

Reflections on windows do not only confuse the birds, but they can also make them defensive. When a bird spots its reflection on the glass, it may think of itself as an intruder and attack the window.

The birds may attack the window to the point of exhaustion. While many birds brush it off and eventually fly away, some may be too tired after fighting their reflection (Bird Strikes and Windows).

How to help them?

If a bird is lying dazed somewhere after fighting against its reflection, one can gently pick them up and put them in a shoebox to let them recuperate.

It is best to keep the bird in a warm, dark place so that it can calm down. Trying to feed it or handle it will scare the bird even more. Let it heal itself and revive before flying off.

If someone feeds the birds, the safe option will be to move the feeder away from the windows. Putting it in an open space will prevent the birds from hitting the windows and consequently hurting themselves.

Spiritual Meanings of Bird Knocking on Window

Strangely, many people associate this activity in many ways. Some say it is lucky, while others claim birds hitting windows can be ominous.

Despite the scientific explanations, many do not take proper steps to ensure the birds’ safety because of their superstitious beliefs. There are many attributes attached to the birds when they hit windows.

Let’s take an example of some of the myths related to it.

Upcoming Changes In Life

If a bird hits someone’s window, one may hope for upcoming changes. No definitive answer is whether the changes are good or bad, but it depends on people’s perceptions. If someone is expecting hurdles, they can start taking action to change their fate for the better. These changes may not always be visible, but the transition will help a person gain a fresh perspective on themselves.

Bad Omen Coming In Life

Many people reckon that if a blackbird hits the window, death may loom on the horizon. Blackbirds symbolize death, and their arrival means that the hands of death will grasp someone in the household.

In many practices like shamanism, a spiritual practice followed by witch doctors in South Korea, blackbirds are still the messengers of death and bad luck. So if one sees a blackbird hitting their window, then according to popular superstition, bad luck will befall them.

Telling You A message

Birds have been associated as messengers of heaven in many cultures. They can journey through the heavens and earth, connecting the living with the underworld. Many tales depict birds as messengers from heaven, bringing a message from deceased loved ones.

Hence, if a bird hits the window and flies away, then as per the old traditions, a deceased person has sent a message.

Spiritual Beliefs Of Different Birds Hitting Window

That is not all. The superstitions include specific birds, considered lucky or unlucky if they hit people’s windows. Each bird holds a different meaning, and despite the advancement in Scientific Theories, it still exists in popular beliefs.


Pigeons represent love, peace, and purity of heart. If a pigeon hits someone’s window, one is inattentive and distracted from their real aim. They seek a purpose but ignore their loved ones.

It is essential to keep a keen eye on every detail of life. Pigeons may or may not hit the window, but being attentive will make one’s life fulfilling and purposeful.


Bluebirds are associated with happiness and joy. These birds are beautiful and optimistic, making them unique in their way. When a bluebird hits the window, it may mean the household will receive good news or be blessed with good luck.

However, superstitious beliefs aside, luck is a subjective matter. Bluebirds cannot determine luck because they are simple creatures with uncomplicated thoughts.

Their confusion about their reflection in windows cannot determine someone’s luck. So, enjoying every minute and trying to make one’s own luck through sheer willpower and hard work is essential.


As mentioned above, Blackbirds are associated with death. Seeing one may make even the rational person dread for their life. The fear of death is accurate, and it can make anyone overthink. The sight of a Blackbird will only make people more anxious.

So what to do?

Simply nothing. Like other birds, a blackbird hitting the window is a random phenomenon and means nothing. Death is sudden, and it can happen with or without a blackbird. The important thing is to keep living life normally without any fear. Can we see if a bird can pick itself up after hitting multiple windows?


While superstitions are rife and everyone wants good luck, a bird will only hurt itself if it hits windows. The orthodox perception of this phenomenon is nothing more than old wives’ tales and does more harm than good.

There are proper logic and behavior analyses behind why birds hit windows. They are either confused or territorial, which leads to their bizarre activity.

Hence, instead of reading too much into the symbolism, one should try to help the poor birds if they get hurt. By doing so, people are helping the birds and providing a safe environment for the animals.

So, let’s work on preventing the birds from being hurt rather than ponder over the superstitions.

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