Small Yellow Birds

14 Small Yellow Birds You Should Know

Breeding different varieties of birds creates a safe ecosystem for the little creatures and adds an alluring sight to one’s garden or yard.

Bird lovers and nature enthusiasts love creating havens for birds to live freely and make a home for themselves in the beautiful gardens. People passionate about colourful birds know which kinds of birds make the perfect pets and are experts in raising them.

On the other hand, for other bird lovers, the shades and hues of the birds are fundamental. The presence of different colours of friendly, docile birds makes a hypnotic sight almost heavenly. Passionate nature decorators lean towards birds of red, blue, green, or even orange. It depends on which shade of birds they want to add to their unique places.

One of the unique colours is yellow, and yellow birds in the green shrubbery of backyards or gardens make a compelling combination. The yellow birds stand out among the natural view, creating an almost mystical aura in the garden.

Many bird lovers prefer to use various kinds of yellow birds to make their abode aesthetic and provide a safe home for the birds. For beginners to gardening and bird rearing, yellow birds will add a pleasant touch to their efforts and bring happiness, optimism, and hope to many.

Here are a few small yellow birds that nature lovers can opt for to amplify their garden’s beauty.

14 Types Of Small Yellow Birds

1. Canaries

Canaries - small yellow bird

Cheerful and optimistic, Yellow Canaries are the perfect addition to any homeowner’s garden. They are small, fluttering birds with melodic tunes, music to one’s ears. Waking up to their chirping daily makes one smile and happy.

One thing to note is that Canaries are social creatures. They are happy only when in pairs, so it is best to buy a couple together.

Canaries mostly like seeds, fruits, and vegetables, but it is very important to research their specific dietary needs before bringing them home. 

Moreover, the Canaries like a clean cages, so one has to clean the cages regularly. They are comparatively easy to maintain, so these birds are ideal pets for first-time pet owners.

Canaries are highly friendly and loyal, which makes them easy to raise. Their tunes will liven up one’s home and always bring joy. 

So, even if one feels down, the happy Canaries will ensure their presence will keep the sadness away!

2. Sun Conure

Sun Conure

Sweet, gullible, and playful Sun Conures are tiny balls of sunshine. Their bright yellow and orange feathers are eye-catching, but they are not only for the looks!

The Sun Conure is highly intelligent and can learn small tricks from its owners. They can also mimic human language so their chatters can be heard throughout a household all day. 

One thing to note is that the Sun Conure needs a lot of exercise. Their cages should be spacious and small, and soft toys like balls should be kept with them. The Sun Conure will be able to engage in playful activities and stay active. 

Their diet is primarily pellets, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, but new pet owners should thoroughly study them before purchasing one.

Their lifespan ranges from 15 to 30 years, so a pet owner can be assured of spending a long life with them.

Moreover, Sun Conures enjoy talking. They want more human interaction and are happiest when someone is talking to them. 

So, these chatterboxes can light up anyone’s home!

If you’re searching for parrots like the Sun Conure to keep as pets in your home, you might want to read my post, which features a list of 11 yellow parrots suitable for keeping as pets.

3. Yellow Budgie

Belonging to the Parakeet family, Yellow Budgies are known for their distinct bright feathers. Yellow Budgies are quite a popular pet and sprightly as well. They are affectionate and intelligent, able to mimic human language like the Sun Conure.

Yellow Budgie

However, these birds like to fly high around, so pet owners should have adequate space to let them fly and perch on top of a structure. 

They are playful and optimistic about their owners. For those looking for comfort or companionship, a Yellow Budgie will be the perfect addition to their family. Its presence will subdue loneliness and soothe one’s heart.

4. Yellow Cockatiels

These mischievous fellows love to entertain everyone with their tricks. Yellow Cockatiels are calm and loving towards their owners but are quick to learn tricks.

Yellow Cockatiels

These birds can swing on ropes, walk around in funny manners, and chatter like humans if taught well. They love to attract attention with their hijinks, making them fun and hilarious to watch.

Their diet is comparatively varied; new pet owners should feed them carefully. Other than companionship, they also need perches to sit on, a space to fly around, and exercise toys. They generally live up to 20 years, which is quite a lengthy lifespan for a parrot.

The Yellow Cockatiels are the fun buddies who can liven up any situation. So, if one feels sad or disheartened, these mischievous birds will make their owners laugh out loud.

5. American Yellow Pacific Parrotlet

They may belong to the parrot family, but one has to earn their respect! Interesting, right?

This tiny bird is quite stubborn when it comes to affection. 

They have a dynamic personality which makes them unique in the parrot family. Like other parrots, they are also intelligent and learn tricks but are guarded against humans.

However, this defence starts to wane when they start to develop a bond with their owners.

The Yellow Pacific Parrotlet wants genuine affection from its owners and waits to see if their owners genuinely love them.

Once a bond has been formed, these birds become highly devoted. Their presence works like a charm on the owners, brightening their lives. These parrots love to communicate with their owners and make them smile.

So, for anyone looking for small birds which will love them with all their hearts, this is the perfect pet for them!

6. Yellow Indian Ringneck

Even the most dramatic people will lose in front of this drama bird! The Yellow Indian Ringneck is known for its yellow feathers and a ring around its neck (William).

They are intelligent and highly curious about their surroundings. New pet owners may find it challenging to keep them because these birds need constant attention. While playful and spirited, the birds get bored quickly and will let out loud shrills if they are not tended to. 

However, when they receive attention, they are pretty funny and entertaining. For anyone who loves to chat a lot, the Yellow Indian Ringneck is the perfect partner.

7. Golden Pheasant

Bird lovers are in awe of this magnificent bird. The Golden Pheasant is renowned for its mix of yellow, golden, red, and orange hues. Its majestic plumage makes it popular among experienced bird lovers.

They are pretty docile and are friendly towards humans. The Golden Pheasant prefers spaces where it can spread its wings and hop around. It is not very good at flying but can jump high, so the space should be properly caged. 

Various factory food suits the Golden Pheasant, so one should research their bird’s dietary habits before choosing a brand.

Moreover, these birds can withstand cold and hot weather, so they are not worried about catching a disease. Keeping the cages clean and ventilated will also increase their immunity.

These birds beautify a place with their vibrant colours. One looks at them, and people instantly adore their unique beauty and healing presence.

8. Blue and Gold Macaw

Like their name, they have blue and golden feathers, which makes them one of the most popular pets in the world (Lafeber). They require big cages to perch on and play in, but that is not all. 

These birds are highly affectionate and sensitive. They love to mingle with humans and even peck their owners out of love. Their loving and kind nature makes them good companions for pet lovers, and they can live up to 30 years.

However, it will not be wrong to say that they also tend to seek attention. They caw loudly whenever they want to pet. 

Many people may find them nuisances, but the experienced owners know that this is Macaw’s way of showing affection.

9. Goldfinch

The American Goldfinches are small, yellow birds with black spots on parts of their bodies (Animal Network). These birds are active during warm seasons, and their bright yellow colours are easily noticeable. 

They are herbivores and prefer to feed on seeds. Avid bird lovers can spot them in tropical regions with plenty of grasslands. 

The small birds add a sunny charm to the meadows and are friendly towards humans. Bird feeders can put out diets of seeds in their yards to attract the birds. 

However, keeping them as pets in many countries like the USA is illegal. They are migratory birds protected by the law, and anyone caught possessing them can face jail time. Rather than keep them as pets, feeding them whenever they stop by in gardens or yards is advisable.

To learn more about attracting American Goldfinches to your backyard, check out Joao Quental’s guide on “How to Attract American Goldfinches to Backyard” and learn more helpful tips and strategies to create a welcoming environment for these small and beautiful yellow birds.

10. Saffron Finch

Saffron Finch

These birds are also popular with pet lovers with a sweet call and attractive saffron-yellow feathers. When keeping them as pets, it is wise to let them fly in a spacious cage, but the toys should be avoided; otherwise, they will hurt their wings. 

One important thing to remember is that while the Saffron Finch is friendly, it becomes hostile if kept alone for too long. They should be kept in pairs of similar sizes and temperaments so they do not become violent. 

Also, it is highly territorial, so if kept with smaller birds, it will become violent towards them. Keeping one male and one female in a pair will be better. 

They should be kept separate from other birds and pets so that their volatile nature is not triggered. 

Their diet ranges from worms to seeds, so the owners should take special care of their food. 

11. Orioles

Commonly found in the US, Orioles are yellow-coloured birds with black markings on their heads. Bird watchers often spot them in various areas, and they are considered one of the most common birds in the country. 

Avid bird lovers set out feeders in their gardens and yards to attract these birds. These tiny birds are quite pretty and prefer to feast on fruits.

They also like sweet sugar solutions, which are easy to make for nature lovers. The birds are most active during early spring, so bird watchers and feeders should put out the food during those times.

However, these birds are not pets, and it is illegal in the US to keep them as one. Orioles are wild birds, and their diet is difficult for average pet lovers to provide for, and they may cause more harm to the birds by domesticating them. Instead, it is advised to feed the wild birds in the gardens when they pass.

12. Fischer’s Lovebirds

In addition to beauty, why not add a sprinkle of love to homes too? The yellow-coloured Fischer’s Lovebirds will add the magic of love and sparkle to a bird owner’s home. They are sociable birds and energetic 

One common mistake made by new pet owners is that they keep the birds in small cages. This is quite harmful because the birds start self-harming due to a lack of exercise and activity, reducing their lifespan.

Instead, they require large cages to fly around and spread their wings. Female lovebirds are territorial and defensive. Moreover, Lovebirds, in pairs, do not interact with humans much because they are busy with each other. 

Hence, Lovebirds are best to add an aesthetic touch to a home. Fischer’s Lovebirds are the perfect pair of pets for those who prefer to be introverted but like to take care of birds. They are curious and active but rarely attention-seeking. 

13. Yellow Warblers

The small lemon-yellow birds can hit high notes to create lovely songs. They are found near willow trees and prefer to eat caterpillars and insects. Yellow Warblers are found chirping around during springtime.

Due to their wild nature and diet, it is best not to keep them as pets. Moreover, they are not attracted to bird feeders, so bird lovers can put out bird baths for them to bathe in. 

Also, they will not say no to wild berries!

14. Sulfur-Crested Cockatoos

Even though it is predominantly white, the Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo has a beautiful set of yellow feathers on its head (Alyson). They are affectionate and require a strong bond between themselves and their owners. However, it is not attention-seeking but can be unpredictable when it suddenly startles others. 

Like other birds, they also require large, spacious abodes to fly around in. These birds are prone to malnutrition if not fed enough, so new pet owners may struggle to feed them properly.

New pet owners should ask experts for help understanding how to feed the birds. Pellets should comprise 75% of the diet, while the rest 25% should be fruits and vegetables.

Hence, it will be more prudent for new pet owners to skip purchasing Sulfur-Crested Cockatoos as their first pet bird. 


If one is new to feeding or owning birds, one must understand the different requirements and legal obligations of owning them. While yellow birds look good in homes, they need the proper care, love, and food to thrive.

Cages should be large enough for the birds to fly around in, and the birds should be in pairs so they do not become lonely. Therefore, new bird owners should focus on aesthetics and look into their ability to take care of high-maintenance pet birds.

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