30 Coolest Bird Names

Top 30 Coolest Birds Names

Looking for the coolest birds name? Birds are one of the most charming creatures on earth. Their diversity in beauty, nature, characteristics, and adaptation quality mesmerized people in many ways. One of the unique ways to remember this bird’s diversity is through their names.

Every bird’s name plays a significant role by portraying its image among human beings. Their unique names include all their qualities and specialized features in it. From the past decades of history, all these birds’ names have been evaluated. In this article, we will try to explore the top 30 coolest bird names along with their characteristics, features, and habitat behavior. 

Understanding Bird Naming

  1. The Scientific binomial nomenclature: like human beings Birds have also scientific names. Their names are given to the different species, diversity, and ancestors. This name follows the binomial nomenclature system. In the 18th century, Carl Linnaeus invented this system and diverted names into two parts which are genus and species. This name gives them a specific genre in their level and identification.
  2. Common names and their cultural significance: All bird names have some cultural significance in them. It depends on the bird’s native places, where they are mostly found or migrated to. This cultural significance allows these birds to have their specific region. Sometimes common names are presented with similar diversity, characteristics, and traditional traits.
  3. Evolution of bird names throughout history: although scientists gave them names,but it does not always remain forever. Sometimes their names have been changed depending on the New discovery by scientists, their regional cultural significance, and new exploration. This thing varies their names and evaluates their names since ancient periods of time.

The Top 30 Coolest Bird’s Names:

1. Bohemian Waxwing: A Name as Unique as Its Style

The Bohemian Waxwings’ name is significant for their unique appearance and characteristics. Their plumage is buff gray with black pointed faces.

Their wings are white and yellow. Some of their plumage is red waxy that’s why it has waxwing in their name.

2. Superb Fairywren: A Coolest Bird Fit for a Fairy Tale

Superb fairywren is famous for their peculiar characteristics within their behavior. Males are famous for their bright blue-colored foreheads. Females are gray-brown. They are loyal to their partners. They eat insects, small mammals, caterpillars, seeds, etc. for their food. 

3. Gila Woodpecker: A Desert Drummer’s Distinguished Name

Gila Woodpecker is famous for their distinguished drumming sounds.  Their backs plumage is in zebra patterning black-white color. Their neck, belly, and head are grayish brown. They eat insects, fruits, seeds, nectar eggs, worms, etc. 

4. Rhinoceros Hornbill: A Name with a Noble Ring

Rhinoceros Hornbill birds’ names resemble their appearances through their names. They are the national bird of Malaysia. They can be found in the mountains of rainforests, Singapore, and Southern Thailand.

5. Blue-footed Booby: A Name that Makes Heads Turn

Blue-footed Booby birds are named for their unique large bright blue feet. Male birds portray their feet while performing courtship dances to attract their partners.

They usually lay 1 to 3 eggs at a time. They can be found in South America, California, and Peru.

6. Sword-billed Hummingbird: A Name as Sharp as Its Beak

Hummingbirds’ beaks are like their swords. They can easily reach nectar deep inside the flowers. They also have high metabolism systems, and mid-air and backward flying abilities. Hummingbirds are mostly found in the Andes Mountains of South Africa. 

7. Harlequin Duck: A Name Inspired by Colorful Characters

Harlequin Duck is a sea duck bird. They are mostly found in rivers, coastal watery lakes. During their breeding seasons, they are found in Northwestern, North America, and Greenland. Later they migrate to the Atlantic and Pacific coasts during non-breeding seasons. 

8. Hoatzin: A Name Shrouded in Mystery

Hoatzin birds are famous for their unique characteristics and are also known as stink birds. They are considered weak flyers. Though they have large wings they can not fly for longer distances.

9. Frigatebird: A Name That Soars with Elegance

Frigatebirds are known for their unique appearances. They have black plumage and wings with long beaks. Male frigate birds have huge red gular pouches.

They attract females with this pouch during their breeding seasons. Fish and squid are their main food or prey.

10. Lilac-breasted Roller: A Name as Colorful as Its Feathers

Lilac-breasted Roller birds are known for their beautiful plumage combination of green, lilac, and olive colors. They are familiar with Southern and Eastern Africa. They like to be in the woodland and savanna places. They are found usually in tree holes, trunks, and perches.

11. Great Horned Owl: A Name that Echoes Through the Night

Great Horned Owls are known for their strong appearances and presence. They can be found in America. Their food habitat is rabbits, hares, mice, rats, etc.

They are amazing hunters to search for food. They are mostly active at night and search for their prey. Their unique hovering sounds at night raise the wilderness level. 

12. Secretary Bird: The Coolest bird with a Touch of Elegance

Secretary birds are common in savanna, open grasslands of Africa. They can move easily around the plains by using their strong beaks. It can easily hunt snakes, kites, vultures, and hawks for their food.

13. Chinstrap Penguin: A Name that Keeps Things in Line

Chinstrap Penguin is another bird with the coolest name and unique characteristics. They are mostly native to Southern Pacific and Antarctic Oceans. It has a narrow black band under its chin.

That’s why their name has Chinstrap in it. They also have double layer plumage which keeps them warm in the coldest areas. 

14. Northern Jacana: A Name that Walks on Water

Northern Jacana birds are known for their unique ability to walk on the water’s surface. They have huge legs.

They can walk around on floating plants or vegetation searching for food. Their yellow legs help them to walk through muddy, shallow, marshes and Wetlands areas.

15. Tufted Titmouse: A Name that Combines Elegance and Whimsy

Tufted Titmouse are renowned for their playful nature and mischievous behavior. They can be found in woodlands and North America’s gardens. Their head shape crown makes their appearance more significant. 

16. Violet-green Swallow: A Name Inspired by Nature’s Palette

Violet-green Swallow birds resemble their vibrant plumage. They are found in Western America. Their bodies are combinations of green and violet colors. Their back is Glossy greens and the front side is grayish brown. 

17. Rainbow Lorikeet: A Name that Celebrates Color

Rainbow Lorikeet is another similar species of parrot. They are mostly common in the Eastern seaboard and South Australia. They have vibrant Rainbow colors such as red, yellow, green, and blue.

18. Crimson Rosella: A Name that Evokes Passion

Crimson Rosella is a similar species of parrot. They can be found in Australia. Their red plumage makes them more unique and appealing to watch. Their feathers are deep blue and black in color. 

19. Magnificent Frigatebird: A Name that Radiates Grandeur

The magnificent frigatebird is a seabird. They are famous for their unique appearances. They are large birds having brownish-black plumage. The male birds have a large red pouch with which they perform their courtship rituals to attract their mates. 

20. Spangled Cotinga: A Name that Shines Like Stars

Spangled Cotinga also has vibrant shimmery plumage among other coolest birds. They are native to Amazon and South America. Males have turquoise blue and large red wine throat 

Sometimes local people hunt them for their beautiful plumage. They also hold significance in the tourism field for the country. 

21. Red-crowned crane: A bird with a crown

Red-crown birds are known for their top head red color part which resembles a crown. Their body is white with black plumage and a red patch on their head. Their beak is olive green. All these characteristics make their appearance more significant and elegant.

22. Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher: A Great Hunter

Oriental Dwarf Kingfishers are smaller kingfishers among other species. They are also famous for their special hunting skills. They are familiar with Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

These tiny birds have beautiful plumage of orange, blue, and green. They can go under the water and catch their prey with their beaks.  

23. European Robin: A national Bird of the United Kingdom 

European robins are significant for their symbolic reference as the national bird of the United Kingdom. They have red and orange colored breasts. They also symbolize the native culture and folklore.

24. Crested Caracara: Distinctive Patterned appearances 

Crested Caracara is known for their unique patterned color plumage of their body. They are mostly seen on the ground looking for their food. They are familiar with the North and South parts of America.

25. Rosefinch: A Colorful Beauty of Diversity 

Rosefinch birds are known for their exclusive beauty appearances along with their vibrant plumage. Male rosefinch is mostly red, pink, and rose on the front side of the body. They are family to European, Asian, and North American countries.

26. Western Crowned Pigeon: A Pigeon With A Crown

Western crowned pigeons are one of stunning birds that are familiar to New Guinea and nearby areas. Their deep blue crown and blue plumage make them look more royal, appealing, and significant. Western crowned pigeons are also known as the symbol of beauty and nature.

27. Strawberry Finch: Unique color with Strawberry dots 

The beautiful Strawberry Finch is also known as the red avadavat. They are familiar with the Indian subcontinent. Their plumage is red with small dots resembling strawberry dots or finch on their bodies. They mostly eat insects or seeds for their food habitats.

28. The Nicobar Pigeon: Beauty of India

The Nicobar pigeon is mostly known for their vibrant plumage of metallic green. Their tail is white in color with black beaks. They are native to India. For its royal appearance and vibrant plumage, it is counted as one of the most beautiful Pigeon species. 

Nicobar pigeon also holds a significance of beauty of India by symbolic reference. Their existence is now threatened because of proper nesting habits and hunting.

29. Dracula Parrot: A Parrot of Captivating features 

Dracula parrots are also known as pesquet’s parrots. They are common in New Guinea. They are famous for their unique appearances.

Dracula parrot’s upper portion of the body is brown and the lower part of the body is bright red along with a curved beak. Their beaks are so powerful that they can crash or break any seeds or fruits. 

30. Cock-Of-The-Rock: A bird of unique apperceive 

Cock-of-the-rock birds are famous for the bright orange and black color plumage of their bodies. During their breeding seasons male perform courtship dances to attract their mates by making vocal sounds, and wing portraying. They are familiar to South and Central America. They eat small insects, fruits, seeds, etc.

Criteria for Coolest Birds Names

  1. Uniqueness and Distinctiveness: All birds’ names represent their unique characteristics, features, and distinctiveness.
  2. Descriptive and evocative qualities: Every bird’s name elaborates more descriptively by mentioning its qualities and unique abilities.
  3. Cultural and historical reference: Birds’ name represents their regional reference and historical evaluation throughout the past decades.
  4. Popularity and recognition: Cool birds’ names are always recognized for their popularity. A cool bird’s name easily gets popularity and recognition if it has all features and attitudes of the bird.


In short, we have discussed 30 bird names in this article featuring their characteristics, plumage, uniqueness, and cultural and historical significance. All these criteria give attributes of having their unique names.

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