Birds Name That Start With P

20 Birds That Start With P

Are you thinking about birds whose names start with ‘P’? Well, you’re in the right place!

Today in this post you will get to know about 20 amazing bird species that all have one common thing in them- their name starts with the letter “P”. Birds have always been wonderful creatures of nature. They make the earth more charming with their appearances and uncommon uniqueness.

They are famous for their unique characteristics, habitat, and adaptation quality for surviving with nature. In this post, we will try to explore 20 birds that have one common thing in their name which is the letter P. We will try to emphasize their nature, characteristics,  habitat, and other attributes on Earth. Let’s go and discover the beauty of these birds.

20 Unique Birds Name That Start With P

1. Penguin: The Majestic Avian Swimmers

The first and most common bird that starts with the letter P is the Penguin. These bird species are recognized for their incredible swimming abilities and their incredible survival characteristics to survive in the ice water. Penguins can swim faster than any other birds.

They have solid bones and stiff and stubby wings which helps them to paddle through the water. These wings help them to swim faster and longer. Penguins have a large community. They like to be in groups and follow the other group members which helps them from predators or outer danger. 

Penguins’ unique double-layer features keep them warm and help them to survive in that icy water. Their feathers keep them warm even around -70°C to -20°C. They have the ability to survive in the most diverse climates on Earth. 

2. Peacock: Nature’s Living Work of Art

Peacock is another bird on our list whose names start with the letter P. The most eye-catching part of peacocks is their unique vibrant feathers. Their feathers or plumage could be blue, green, brown, yellow, or golden color combinations. Male peacocks perform courtship dances with beautiful plumage to attract their mating partners.

They also use their vocals to communicate with their members. These feathers also help them to hide and camouflage themselves from predators. They are mostly common in India, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.

3. Peregrine Falcon: The fastest Creature on Earth 

Peregrine Falcon is another bird whose name starts with the letter P. It is known for its fastest speed ability and hunting ability on Earth.

They can fly more than 300 km per hour. Falcon birds have a unique hunting ability to hunt. They fix their target then they fold their wings and do a nose dive at 200 mph. By closing their feet they knock their prey in the open sky. 

4. Pelican: Masters of fishing

Pelicans are large water birds. They also have unique beaks with large throat pouches. Their throat pouches are huge and help them to carry their food or prey into it.

These water birds are famous for their fishing techniques. They fix their target and dive through the water at amazing speeds. It’s called plunge diving technology.

They can also catch fish or prey within their long pouches and gradually drain out the water from the pouches whole, having the target in their mouth. This is called scoop fishing. With this technique, they can catch a lot of fish in one go. They go fishing or hunting in a group. 

5. Puffin: The Adorable Clown of the Sea

Puffins are also known for their unique vibrant beaks. These beaks could be in orange, yellow, and red colors. They are incredible divers. They can dive up to 60 meters to catch their food or prey. Their wings assist them to swim even underwater.

Their webbed feet perform as a rubber which helps them to steer in the water. During the breeding season, they set up a group or colonies and spend the season in coastal areas.

They also perform courtship dances to attract their mates with their vibrant postures. Those colonies also help them from predators or outer danger. Later they travel to watery places during the non-breeding season. 

6. Parrots: Intelligent mimics of the Avian World

Parrots are another common bird whose name starts with the letter P. They are famous for their imitating skills and exceptional intelligence.

They have the skill to learn any language, whistle, proverbs, phases, tune, and noise through habit formation. They also have incredible observation skills.

They can easily observe anything from the environment and can mimic the exact same thing through their imitating skills. Parrots can also solve puzzles with their intelligence.

7. Pied Kingfisher: A Master of Precision Diving

Pied Kingfishers are very small birds who are famous for their hunting and diving skills. They are native to watery areas like the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Their unique beaks are one of the strongest parts of their hunting techniques.

Pied Kingfishers glide around the water and search for their food or prey. Later they dive into the water when they get their fish. They have one other skill to catch their prey.

They can easily identify their prey under the water and can easily catch the prey with their beaks. Then it returns back to its perch and sometimes it swallows the whole fish at once glance. 

8. Purple Gallinule: A Jewel of Wetlands 

Purple Gallinule is another species that is renowned for its bright colors like green, blue, purple, etc., yellow long legs, and red beaks.

Their unique yellow long legs help them to walk floating vegetation or plants on the water while balancing their weight. These birds don’t fly very long distances. 

9. Purple Martin: Nature’s Insect Control

Purple Martin is another bird whose name is on the category of list P. They have a very dark blackish shine blue color. They are one of the beneficial birds for the environment and control nature. They keep nature in balance.

These birds eat flies, insects, dragonflies, mosquitoes, butterflies, leafhoppers, beetles, etc. By doing these they maintain nature’s balance from other insects. They prefer a more nature friendly environment that pests insects naturally.

They reduce the use of chemical insecticides which somehow harm other animals through their harsh chemicals. They won’t harm other animals or birds. 

10. Phalarope: A Spinner on the Water Surface 

Phalarope birds are famous for their amazing spinning skills. They are incredible swimmers, that’s why they can swim for a long time. They have special techniques for spinning and finding food from the water. With their spinning skills, they create a little whirlpool around them.

It catches the other little insects, creatures, and small fish through that whirlpool. It brings them to an upper level of water and they can easily catch or grab them. Phalaropes travel long distances and breed in colder areas. Later they migrate to coastal areas. 

11. Paradise Tanager: A Glimpse of Tropical Beauty

Paradise Tanager is a unique multicolor bird that is known for its unique appearance. Their head is likely neon green, and their beak is black. Their breasts are deep blue and purple. Their wings and tails flourish with their beauty.

They are multi-colored birds that represent 7 colors in their body. Both male and female paradise Tanager have similar colors. They are mostly found in South America. They are non-migratory birds. They can be found in many native countries like America, Peru, Colombia, and Brazil. They collect nectar from different flowers for their food habitat. 

12. Pheasant: Strutting Royalty of the Forest

Pheasant birds are known for their colorful feathers. They are also known as gaming birds. They are native to Eurasia and farmland and woodland in the UK as well. Male Pheasants are famous for their vibrant color of plumage or feathers on their body.

Male pheasants do strutting behavior during their breeding seasons. Their strutting behavior includes tail display, neck features, and chest puffing. With these behaviors they attract opposite partners or mates and show dominance over other male pheasants.

They try to show dominance with this strutting behavior that other male should not challenge their authority. 

13. Palm Cockatoo: The Drumming Virtuoso

Palm Cockatoo bird is another name for the great black cockatoo. They are a kind of similar species of parrots. Their bodies are ashy black color and their beaks are dark black with red cheeks. They are specialized for their unique drumming Virtuoso and vocalization skills.

Palm cockatoo birds can make drumming sounds by using sticks or other things. They rhythmically can make sounds with the branches of trees.

This is mainly performed when they try to attract their mating partners during breeding seasons. They also have unique vocal abilities. They can make melodious sounds with their vocal cords. They can also imitate human speech like proverbs, phrases, and environmental sounds from nature.

14. Pied Crow: The Intelligent Urban Survivor: 

The pied crow is a very common bird in rural and urban areas. They are known for their adaptability quality. They have various food habitats such as insects, eggs, garbage, etc. This also helps the environment keep in balance.

They are also very intelligent that they have problem solving skills in them. They can use tools and utilize them for their needs. This shows their ability to utilize the tools or objects to reach their goals.

15. Painted Bunting: A Vibrant Feathered Jewel

Painted Bunting are known for their unique vibrant feathers among other birds. Their heads are blue, and their belly parts of the body are a mixture of red, orange, and yellow.

They are a famous and renowned bird in North America. They also have unique melodious voices. They often do it to attract their mates during their breeding seasons.

16. Pink Robin: The Delicate Beauty of Down Under

Pink Robin birds are also famous for their pink plumage on their body. Their chests are in a beautiful pink color and their heads are in black color. They are monogamous birds. In their breeding season the male attracts their mates by showing their pink features.

They feed various caterpillars, beetles, ants, insects, and spiders. They also have a very calming nature. Their magnificent pink beauty and calming nature make them one of the unique birds.

17. Pacific Golden Plover:  A Migratory Marvel

Pacific Golden Plover is known for their long distance migratory behavior. During their breeding season, they breed in Alaska, and Siberia areas.

Later they fly thousands of kilometers for their non- breeding seasons in Asia, Australia. During these long journeys of migration period they stop in the middle for Wetlands and coastal areas for resting.

18. Pied Avocet: A Master of Balance 

Pied Avocet birds are shallow water birds. They have the ability to forage in shallow water. Their feathers are in black and white combinations. Their body, neck and head are in black.

But their chests or belly parts and wings are white. They have long thin legs that are in gray bluish color. With this leg, they can easily walk or float in muddy, shallow water searching for their food. They can move their beaks from side to side in the water while moving them back and forth. Their beaks also help them to identify and catch food or prey.

19. Potoo: Nature’s Master of Camouflage

Potoo is another unique bird that is known for its camouflage ability among birds. They are very good at hiding themselves. Their feathers are the real weapon in their camouflage skills.

Their feathers or plumage can be any color according to their surroundings. They can camouflage them in the tree or branch colors. They can also confuse and trick their predators with these camouflage skills. It also helps them with their survival tactics. 

20. Paradise Shelduck: The Ionic Symbol of New Zealand 

Paradise Shelduck has great attributes on the New Zealand country and their culture. They consider this bird as symbolic for their country. It has cultural significance in New Zealand.

They are symbolized for their spiritual representation, love and relationships among people of New Zealand. It has iconic symbols on their various paintings, and carvings as well. Their pictures are also used in their currency and logo for the sports organizations. They represent a deep connection between nature, and art also among people. 


I hope this article gives you a clear view of 20 bird names that start with a letter P.  All these birds portray amazing qualities, characteristics and adaptability, and survival tactics in nature. If article encourages you to watch birds more closely and you will enjoy watching and observing these beautiful creatures of earth.

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